This blogs script (a system forum blogs) is still beta. Needs to be developed. Still has many shortcomings, among them are:

->The blogpost  is not displayed perfectly in smartphone/mobiling (This is one of the biggest problem for a website today that the ability of a site to be accessed by mobiling is a must)
->it takes 20-30 minutes for blog posts to be indexed and displayed in blog main page.
->The Sidebar Statistics Widget is not working
->Messages in blog are not displayed in the Forum search results. Respectively find that either under large numbers posts will be difficult. But you can still find the member`s posts by browsing through his/her profile page and clicking on the displaying blog`s link.

in the future:

The creator of this blog script: © Alex_63 said:
Maybe I will try to make displaying of blog posts and comments in search results, but now they're hidden because of difficulty of parsing special parameters, which are set in that posts, so the code of script will be longer if I add this function.

->There's no real page on address /blogs.php?*** , they are created via script, so the search engine such as Google+ cannot display the page content. Unfortunately there's no way to fix it.

You can still use the original address of blogpost url that is hidden to share it on google+. 
Use this one: /viewtopic.php?pid=7 (the original address)
instead of using this one: /blogs.php?act=show&blog=7 (The new address used for blogpost)

even so,  scripts can make your forum more interesting and varied. at least you already have a forum site that has the blogs system where people you allow can write a blog